Knowing the data behind your Instagram account can be very useful. So if you are serious about managing your social media account, creating a great strategy, and being proactive you need a good analytics tool. Fortunately, there are actually numerous useful digital tools available that can help you do just that. There are apps that can give you data about your followers and even provide other analytics as well (like how many people viewed your Instagram post). And if you are looking for the best free Instagram analytics tools, then you have come to the right page! We going to give a short rundown of some of the best Instagram analytics apps that you can currently download and use.


1. Instagram Insights

For anyone that has a business or brand account on Instagram, this tool is going to be invaluable. If you don’t have a business account on Instagram, it is something you should consider. Instagram Insights provides a lot of data for your account. The analytics that Instagram provides is pretty in-depth, including seeing the reach for each of your posts, what kinds of posts they are liking on your Instagram page, and most of all, you get real-time data tracking of how many followers that you have. The app even shows you the number of people that have unfollowed your account recently.


Instagram Business Analytics


Knowing those kinds of stats for your Instagram can actually be incredibly useful. If you know what your top posts are, and if you know the number of people that have unfollowed you due to a previous post, then the better you can craft a content strategy.


2. Simply Measured

This is a great tool for Instagram users. It offers data analytics for Instagram accounts that have followers of up to 25,000. So if you are searching for a free Instagram monitoring tool you will be able to get a lot of use out of this one. You can really use it if you are trying to manage some kind of Instagram marketing campaign or develop some kind of strategy for your Instagram.


Free Instagram Analytics Tools


In addition to being able to monitor the number of followers you have on Instagram, Simply Measured does a lot more. They provide a free report that will cover two months of your Instagram’s activity, including the engagement rate of your posts. Going one step further, this tool can give you information such as how many people commented, like and shared each of your posts. This is valuable data for determining the best time to schedule your posts, since you can see the exact days and times when your posts get the most user engagement. Lastly, one of their coolest features is that you can do analysis for advanced items, such as keywords that your followers use in your comment’s section.


3. Crowdfire

This is an app that is unique and very useful, especially if you want to know which of your followers are active and which ones are complete ghosts. You may also run insights to see how many people have unfollowed you. If your engagement is really suffering, using this data can help you clean out those who aren’t following you back and the inactives. Giving your engagement rate an immediate boost. Remember, Instagram LOVES engagement so it is important to clean up some of your followers at times. Of course, you will still have access to your basic metrics, like total follower growth as well.


But wait, there’s more! Crowdfire can also be used as a way to manage relationships with your followers on Instagram. Depending on your strategy, you can look for more potential followers on Instagram, based on their similarities to your current followers. The app will look at data, such as hashtag use and keyword filtering, in order to find other users that are more likely to follow your account.


4. Union Metrics – Instagram Account Checkup

This is another great free analytics tool that you can use to check up on your Instagram account. With Union Metric’s Instagram Account Checkup tool can give you a true view into how well your Instagram account is doing by analyzing the last 30 days of activity.

Instagram Analytics Free | Growth Marketing


They give valuable information, including: the best times to post new photos and videos so you get the highest engagement, a breakdown of who interacts with your content the most, and what hashtags are driving the most engagement.


5. InstaFollow for Instagram

InstaFollow for Instagram is a feature loaded app that helps you manage your Instagram. With InstaFollow you can track how many new people are following you, and which followers stopped following you. It works by keeping a record of all your followers (ever) and basically keeping tabs on them. One of the nicest features is that you can instantly unfollow people directly through their app. No more bouncing back to Instagram and having to look them up manually.


While InstaFollow does have a free version you can download. There is also a paid version, which has tons of more advanced features that are definitely worth checking out.



Since Instagram does not provide its own data analytics to its normal users (just business accounts), it will be up to you to find third-party solutions. All of the apps/websites that are listed here can provide you with all of the data that you will need when it comes to analyzing your Instagram account. While looking at those vanity numbers are fun, having good data into your posts can take your Instagram game to the next stratosphere. The great thing about all these Instagram analytics apps is that they are all free! Sure you may have to buy the full version to unlock additional features but the basic versions of these apps are going to be quite useful by themselves. Remember, Good Data leads to Good Decisions.

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