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Instagram is the world's FASTEST growing platform for social media, trade, and marketing for business worldwide. The way to succeed on Instagram is to consistently interact with potential consumers and users. Though no business has the time to be on Instagram interacting with customers day in and out - that is where Growth Launchpad comes in.
We are an Instagram Marketing Service that grows your account with real, engaged, followers by using a proprietary interaction strategy. Consistently engaging with your most active potential followers & future consumers.




Followers Gained




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It is straight forward, we have done our research and tested various strategies. Our team comes from a digital agency background where we have had years of experience using Instagram for Marketing and applying various strategies for large clients. We have put together a system that efficiently leverages Instragram that we can apply to any business/brand. Take a look:

Research Demographic

We start by asking you a few questions. Based on that info we start diving into your demo to create a persona using Facebook Audience Insights.

Identify Targets

Using the demographic, we compile multiple targets. Including hashtags they use, other accounts they follow, and locations they visits (restaurants, bars, beaches, grocery stores, etc..).

Enable Filters

We add on our custom filters that we have designed, tested, and approved to make sure we are only interacting with real and active users.

Program Dayparting

To make sure our efforts are seen, we set up our interaction strategy to occur on high usage days and times. I mean, nothing good happens Tuesday at 2 am, right?

Safe & Secure

Instagram has limits and we make sure to abide by those limits. We also never share your information with anyone and always use secure connections.

Create Blacklist & White list

When we start, we always implement blacklisted keywords & hashtags, to put tighter restrictions on what posts we are liking. We can also white list specific followers so we never unfollow them.

24/7 Monitoring

While we do set up dayparting and custom settings, our team does work 24/7. Consistently & effectively monitoring campaigns so we provide the best results possible.

Monthly Reports

That’s right Monthly Reports! After the last day of every month we will send a visual PDF report showing complete insights into your account. Growth, likes, comments, engagement, etc.. you get it all.

It’s Follower Growth, Not Rocket Science.

How You Benefit

Increase Brand Awareness

Monthly your brand is seen by 15,000 - 30,000 people. With the Instagram average CPM at $7.00+, It would cost you $200+ to get the same exposure.

Accelerate Account Growth

Each account is different, but on average we see 1,000 - 2,000 new followers per month.

Raised Post Value

If you're an Influencer you know the value of your post increases as your account grows. Charge more per post, while we grow your account.

Reach Potential Customers

55% of buyers turn to social media before making a purchase. Exposing them to your brand helps ensure your Instagram is part of their consumer journey.

Increase Website Traffic

When Instagram Ads average a CPC of $0.72 (and growing), gaining free social organic traffic is always a win.

Build A Community

Engagement on your posts build your brands social community, potentially leading to more User Generated Content (UGC).


Influencer Marketing Instagram


For Influencers or aspiring influencers, followers & engagement is the game. We will handle that so you can create awesome content and make money.

Instagram Marketing for eCommerce


Whether you're MVMT watches, or a new product, Instagram is essential to the consumer journey. Let us handle the growth so you can focus on the product.

Brand Growth On Instagram


Local businesses (Restaurants, Bars, Gyms, etc..) and personal brands (Real Estate Agent, Yoga Teacher, Consultant, Models, etc..) still need brand exposure & growth.

Instagram Growth Marketing Adult Porn Marijuana MMJ NSFW

Sensitive Industries

Have an NSFW or MMJ related brand. We know marketing can be hard, but our service is a perfect solution to gain impressions, traffic, and growth.

Ready for blast off?

To get started select a plan below that works best for you. If you have any questions feel free to send us a message.

  • Professional

  • $59

    Per Month
  • Ideal for the professional marketer who is looking for a long term Instagram growth solution.

    *paid annually 

  • Get Started
  • Start Up

  • $79

    Per Month
  • Our most popular month to month option that gives you freedom to grow with out breaking the bank.

    *paid monthly

  • Get Started
  • Agency


    Custom Pricing
  • Are you an Agency, or Consultant, with 4+ accounts? Contact us for discounted pricing.

    White label reporting is available.

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